Senvo ZS Servo Machine Series

The ZS series machine is the newest researched and developed servo system machine, running more smoothly, with higher accuracy and efficiency.

The servo motors with the nano technology heating system reduces power consumption by up to 60%. Customers benefit gaining maximum profit with reduced costs.

Control Interface

1. Large screen with colour display

2. Action process monitoring function

3. Emergency stop switch

Clamping Unit

1. Generous tie-bar distance enabling a wider range of tool sizes.

2. Rigid platen design, equipped with high quality tie-bar, enhance the clamping structure performance.

3. T slot clamping for ease of tool loading.

  Injection Unit

  1. The injection unit adopts the modular pedestal design and the first-line two-cylinder balanced injection device to make the screw force average during the injection molding process.
  2. Unique high mixing injection screw assembly design with high plasticizing efficiency and high wear resistance.
  3. The cylinder adopts the nano infrared energy saving heating device, which has low energy loss and high heating quality, saving 30% to 40% more energy than the traditional heating ring.

Hydraulic Unit

1. The hydraulic system is designed with a high displacement power system, which can increase injection speed and shorten cycle time by up to 15%. The machine can meet the requirements of all high performance, moulding processes.

2. Hydraulic manifolds are distributed at each actuator position, with fast response speed and good dynamic performance.

Control System

1. The colour-screen control panel detects production processes and displays malfunction analysis.

2. Fitted with the latest designed servo motors to ensure precise control throughout.