We have partnered with Halo Corporate Finance to offer our customers accessible & affordable financing on their orders. Simply fill out this form and a representative from Halo will be in touch.

​Financing your new equipment with an asset finance solution has plenty of benefits:

1. Preserve cash in the business – paying for your equipment over time enables you to keep precious cash in the business for working capital;
2. Flexible funding options – your finance arrangement can cover the total cost without being overly prescriptive about the precise products being purchased;
3. Tax advantages – depending on the type of finance arrangement you can offset the expenses against Corporation Tax and even VAT liabilities;
4. No additional security required – generally, as the finance is secured on the assets you are buying, no additional security is needed;
5. No impact on credit lines – your existing loans and overdraft facilities remain unaffected;
6. Flexible payments – you can usually pay monthly or quarterly over terms from 1 to 5 years;
7. Easy upgrades – during the finance term, it’s easy to upgrade, add new equipment or settle the agreement at any point.